Additional Inscription

We have the expertise to engrave any memorial using a variety of new and old techniques.

With a vast wealth of experience combined with the latest equipment and machines we can engrave just about any memorial.

Most memorials will be removed from the cemetery by our staff and taken to our workshop to have the new inscription added. This method yields the best results in the right environment. However, in some cases where a memorial may be too big or if we have any concerns about the wellbeing of the memorial, we have the equipment required to engrave on-site.

There are occasions when adding an inscription to a memorial stone isn’t recommended. If your family memorial is old and made from marble or natural stone it is likely that it will have suffered from unhelpful weather conditions, tree sap, road pollution etc. With all of this a memorial can become weathered and beyond an acceptable state of repair. If this is the case we may recommend replacing the memorial for a memorial made from granite that will not fail like your existing memorial. This can often be done for a similar cost to that of engraving and restoring an old memorial.