Children’s Memorials

Harrison Memorials have an excellent reputation within our trade for creating some of the most beautiful memorials for children.

Too often we have been approached by families from all across the country who have become disheartened by the lack of creativity and compassion shown to them by their local stonemason. A memorial for a child can’t be chosen out of a brochure, each one should be unique.

Here at Harrison Memorials we will discuss your ideas with you and walk you through the whole process. From concept to production, you’ll be included in every stage of your child’s final resting place.

We have a pretty clear philosophy at Harrison Memorials; whilst we’d rather not have to make memorials for children, we would rather people use us when this service is required. We believe we offer the best service in this field and there isn’t another memorial specialist who’ll provide the level of care and attention to detail that we offer.

Below you can see a slideshow from one of our proudest pieces of workmanship. The pictures will show the level of detail we achieved.

With memorials as complex as this one we first created the memorial in clay; this ensured we got it perfect before starting to carve into granite. Once the carving was complete we allowed our artist to commence with the painting.

We took the unusual step of inviting the parents to help us at differing stages of this project. Both Violet’s mum and dad applied the gold leaf to the lettering and they did an incredible job.

After the carving, engraving and painting stages were complete it was time to install the memorial. Again we invited Violet’s dad and a close family friend of theirs to assist us.

We’re very proud of the memorial we created for such a beautiful little girl.

If you’d to to contribute to Violet Grace’s Gift you can find more information here

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