In 2016 we invested heavily in new state of the art equipment and machinery to keep us ahead of our competitors. Our best purchase was our Sprint Impact etching machine.

Our etching machine allows us to engrave any image you want into stone. Whilst we have engraved everything from animals to vehicles into stone, we believe this option is best suited to portraits of your loved ones.

Our Portrait Images

We’re quite particular about the work we produce and to achieve the best results we only use good quality images. If your images fall below the standard we require you can expect us to reject them. We do not compromise when converting images for etching so if your image is rejected you can be certain it’s for your benefit, not ours!

It’s worth keeping in mind that etchings always work best on black stone and won’t work at all on light stone. The darker the stone, the better the result. If you choose a light coloured stone then we’d recommend either a ceramic photo plaque or a sandblast and hand-painted design/portrait which can be done by our artist.

To convert and enhance your image we send it to our friends at where they will take several days ensuring that your image is properly prepared for the etching process.

We have a fairly large catalogue of pre-made designs so please ask us if you have something particular in mind. Here are just a few of the designs we’ve done over the last four years.

Our Etchings