House Plaques

Whilst our priority will always be memorial related services we still offer non-memorial related products such as house plaques. We don’t keep a large selection of shapes and colours but we almost always have something for everyone.

  • Granite is incredibly durable and that’s why we believe it to be the best choice for your house plaque. It also comes in a variety of colours which gives you the option to choose something that matches your home or your taste.
  • All of our plaques are made from granite and all are engraved in-house by our team. You can choose anything you like to be engraved onto your chosen plaque and we can finish the engraving in any colour you choose.
  • We also have the ability to etch precious images onto your house plaque to give it a more personal touch. Maybe you don’t want a house plaque and instead want a personalised portrait plaque made as a gift for a friend or loved one?
  • Our plaques are pre-drilled when they arrive with you so the only thing for you to do is hang them on your wall.
  • Starting at just £45.00 we think our house plaques offer an inexpensive and beautiful addition to your home.

Can’t collect your plaque from our office? No problem, we can post your plaque out to you for £7.95.

Contact us for more information or to place an order for your house plaque now.